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  • 1st Experienced - At Sundown by Paul Grant
  • 2nd Experienced - Hamsterley Forest by Pauline Pentony
  • 3rd Experienced - Saltburn by the Sea by Pauline Pentony
  • Highly Commended Experienced - Mountains Meet The Sea by Sandy Robertson
  • Highly Commended Experienced - Nearly There! by Trevor Ray
  • Highly Commended Experienced - Red Dawn by Alan Squires
  • Highly Commended Experienced - Still Calm by Trevor Ray
  • 1st Aspiring - Decending To The Glacier by Sylvia Morrow
  • 2nd Aspiring - Tyne Swing Bridge by Keith Parker
  • 3rd Aspiring - Still Waters by Brian Adam
  • Highly Commended Aspiring - 'H' by Alan Raeburn
  • Highly Commended Aspiring - Cairngorns by Lorraine Spittle
  • Highly Commended Aspiring - Monument Valley by Sylvia Morrow
  • Highly Commended Aspiring - Reaching The Summit by Ada Cowie
  • Highly Commended Aspiring - Sailing In The Sunset by Maureen Ford
  • Highly Commended Aspiring - Sky and Road by Mike Pockney
  • Highly Commended Aspiring - Starlight by Brian Adam

Quarterly Competitions

The DPS runs a quarterly competition sponsored by Calumet Photographic, for its members. The images in the slideshow show the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commended in the 2 categories, Experienced and Aspiring, of our Autumn 2016 Competition. The theme was Landscape’.

The next competition has a Theme of ‘Open’ and the closing date is the 7th January 2017.

  • Divided into 2 categories, Experienced and Aspiring.
  • Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Points are awarded for each entry and placings.
  • Annual prizes awarded annually to highest scores in both categories.
  • Email submissions only.
  • Submit a maximum of 3 images.


The DPS runs it’s own Distinction system which is akin to the Royal Photographic Society. The panel sits twice a year in May and November and awards distinctions to members in recognition of achievement in photography. The panel consists of RPS Fellowship holders. There are 3 levels of distinction awarded by the DPS:

  • LDPS or Licentiate – the starting point.
  • ADPS or Associate – the middle award with a higher level of skill required.
  • FDPS or Fellowship – the highest distinction awarded and the hardest to achieve.

Portfolio Group

The Electronic Portfolio Group , known as the EPG, gives members the opportunity and encouragement to submit digital images and receive comments back from other members of the group.

The purpose is both of enjoyment and improving our photos in a safe and supportive environment.

Hopefully this will help develop your skills and confidence to submit images to more challenging and advanced activities.

And Its FREE!! – There is no extra charge to join the portfolio group, it’s covered by your DPS membership.

Portfolio Group


The main aim of the society is to make photography as accessible as possible to disabled photographers.

One of the biggest problems for disabled photographers is supporting the camera from a wheelchair or buggy.

We have a dedicated Adaptations Co-ordinator who will discuss your needs with you and decided on the best equipment to use.

We can then lend you the suitable equipment where appropriate for as long as you remain a member of the Disabled Photographers’ Society.


Members Forum

We provide a Forum so that members and non-members can connect with each other.

You will automatically receive login details when you join.

You can visit the Forum from the link on the main menu

You don’t have to be a member to join the forum, just register and wait for approval.

Members Gallery

We provide a Members Gallery so that members can create their own gallery and upload images and .

You will automatically receive login details when you join.

Details of how to use the Members Gallery can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Quarterly Magazine

We produce a Quarterly Magazine for members which you can receive as a home delivery, a PDF or view online, which you can specify on your application and change at anytime. You will automatically receive login details to view online.

You will be eligible for discounts

Login for full details and go to the ‘Members Offers’ page

Your Membership Fee can pay for itself

  • Guild of Photographers Membership
  • Fine Art Foto
  • Blurb Photobooks
  • Bobs Photobooks
  • Fotospeed
  • Smugmug Websites
  • Calumet
  • Thomas Camera Repair Services
  • Love Cases
  • Frith & Company Frames & Mounts
  • Just Sensor Cleaning
  • Lenses For Hire
  • EOS Online Training Adademy
  • SRB Photographic
  • The Photography Academy Online Video Courses
  • Whitewall Printing
  • Clikpic Websites
  • Computer & Software Books


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